Innovative Locations

Over 4500 ㎡ of spaces for events, culture, advertising and digital contents production, where technologies offer smooth experiences and drive customer convenience.


The project is inspired by the culture and tradition of Milan, city of design, fashion, enterprise and industriousness, “re-signifying” venues in the focal urban context from Scalo Romana to Navigli and Tortona District.

Technology and creativity generate different levels of “hybrid-format” of connection between brand and audience, blending Immediacy, Immersion, and Interaction.

Multicamera broadcast

High tech sound system

Green screen

Intelligent lightning

XR Technologies

Customizable led-wall



A traditional space included in a complex of warehouses from ‘900 in the south of Milan. Today it is a high technological venue.
Talent Garden Studios was born in an innovative location in the south of Milan: we have built a center for digital events. A wide range of high-profile technological solutions to meet every need.
Big loft with a cool environment from real life to digital technologies.

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