Avenir House was born in a natural oasis just 15 minutes from the center of Milan.
It is proof that thinking and acting consciously can really make a difference!

It took just over 25 years to restore an agricultural area intensive to the biodiversity levels of about 1,000 years ago.
The planting of 2 million trees and shrubs and the creation of canals waterways have generated naturally filtering wetlands;
the flora, thus, regained its original spaces and promoted the soil fertility, which today has increased by 153 percent.

The Location uses the most advanced technologies for the reduction and transformation of emissions:
– a geothermal plant, capable of harnessing the natural heat of the subsoil

– a photovoltaic system that uses sunlight, are able to self-produce clean and renewable energy in full respect for nature and the environment, so as to be completely autonomous in heating, cooling and hot water production.

In addition, a patented ventilation system ensures the sanitization of the interior areas, eliminating about 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria.

Avenir House offers a modern, multifunctional facility:

two convention halls (fully equipped) surrounded by 500 hectares of forests and land for the realization of experiences focused on themes inherent to sustainability

supply chain of only selected partners attentive to the social, circularity principles and the efficiency of processes of
production and waste management allow to experience sustainability integrated 360°.