Talent Garden Studios was born in an innovative location in the south of Milan: we have built a center for digital events. A wide range of high-profile technological solutions to meet every need. We’ve set up two spaces: HUB and GREEN HOUSE.

The HUB is a room that has become a reference point for many events of great level and scope. We wanted to give it a new life organizing the space into two different sets.

The first is the big stage with green screen, with a limbo of 1400×600 cm x H400 cm, for a versatile use, up to the Unreal system.

The second is the main stage with ledwall dominates the space: a central ledwall 6 x 3,5 m and two side ones 2,5 x 3,5 m with motorized lights and motorized lights make spectacular every event. The 1400x500cm stage still gives that live flavor, which comes home.

Another well-known room at TAG for press conferences, workshops, team building is the GREEN HOUSE. We just made it more beautiful, with a resident ledwall, spotlights on truss and two-camera direction.